Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Casual Blue

It's just another quick post of my casual outfit. Sometimes when we don't know what to wear of too confuse to choose what to wear on a day just grab an easy basic color and go!
i definitely have a problem when i'm going to choose what to wear why? 
1. Too many clothes in my closet
2. when you love all of your clothes you definitely don't know which one to wear
3. at the end i always grab the clothes on the top of the rack

Well all wrap up in Cloth Inc Navy Flap tank and the Lace Flap skort. Yes, it's a skort (skirt outside and short inside). Sorry if the lace details is not really clear :(
FYI : for you who didn't get their collection last time don't worry. They will restock the summer collection this 12th August so mark your calendar and don't miss it again. You will be please of the material it's super comfy and i definitely gonna get other colours this time.
Photo credit for Mr. Octafiography

See you next post


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  2. Gorgeous! Love the blue top and white skirt <3 nice colors aren't they? :)

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