Sunday, 29 January 2012


Well.. this is not my first blog.. i'm trying to make a new blog .. its like start over a new story :D
these photos was taken when im spending my CNY with my family from singapore.. 

And introducing My first Baby from Decimal Shoes called Beth.. 
see, it look vintage at first i was not sure about the design.. But when the shoes came i turns out very lovely and very comfy.. 

im flying with the Anggun Top from GOWIGASA they tailored  it very well and the detail makes me look vintages .. i got a inspiration directly when this top was launched on their website.. gonna show it next time when i got the completely looks

the envelope bag and hotpants comes from katelove that i bought when my trip on singapore.. they got cute thing.. u should visit their shop!! they makes you dont wanna stop to shop :))

last but not least.. this looks wont be complete w/o these cute angels that i bought from Mine Onlineshop and Adorable
i'll see you soon for my next post