Thursday, 17 May 2012

let me blocked your mind

Hi readers, this is the last photos that i had before i cut my hair into mid length kinda miss my long hair already :(. Recently i've been listening to kelly clarkson - stronger. motivated me to stay strong and stood up for my self, even sometimes when we try to be careful everything seems goes to the wrong way.. but just like the lyrics says : "what doesnt kill you makes you stronger" so when they start to blocking on your way.. kick them off.. haiss what am i talking about -_-" Hope that i'm not bored you guys with my plain themes for posting.. hahaha.. i'm trying some colour blocking.. what do you think yay or nay?? and my shoes was a gift for my birthday from dear beloved colleague :* love you guys.. it fits on everything.

those photo credits goes to suheri .. thank you for being nice photographer.. :D

so i'll see you on my next post with the list that i promise on my last post babes..

boyfriend blazer, polka short, pink tanktop - rafika luxury
shoes - fabiano ricco
ring and necklace -  Mine

Sunday, 13 May 2012

dear my love.. here are some of the upcoming look im gonna play with..

crop mesh tank..

studded with pastel orange colour.. cute huh?

lace .. one of my fav one

guess what a coral can do at this season?

animal and floral prints..
i'll see you soon guyss..


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Blue Scallop

another dialy outfits post.. we were trying a new cafe that produce a bubble tea.. hmm food was not so bad.. but the decoration quite interesting.. hahahahha.. told you i cutted my hair into medium length what do you think??.. 

and welcome to new member of the family.. its from VCO they have many many many cute shoes you ever wanted to have.. 

credits goes to Sally and Ana.. we are quite a big fan of food :))

Wedges - VCO
Scallop demin short - Rafika Luxury
Sweater & necklace & envelope bag - KateLove

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Classic and Roses

Familiar with these Classic and Modern books?? .. these few weeks i was reading all of this.. including The Phantom of the Opera.. i forgot to take the photos
call me bookworm of whatsoever.. 'cause i do read old stories..
today outfit was inspired by those classic..

Flowers and pattern always be my fav outfit.. this dress gave me some feeling that i had when i read those books.. love,pain,tragedy,happy ending, all inside..

btw.. i had cut my hair into medium length maybe i would show it on my next post..

vintage roses dress - river island, Chain pump -tanny closet's, Bowler - grinitty shop