Friday, 27 July 2012

Summer Breeze

blue bralette - unbranded, multi matchstick rounded necklace, gold cuff - Rafika Luxury, asymetric floral skirt - taste me boutique, shoes - fabiano ricco

Hi everyone, seems like summer is the hottest season ever.. and in indonesia we dont have 4 seasons like others.. and the weather was getting hotter and hotter so my boyfriend and i was playing dress up.. hahahaha.. suddenly come up with this background idea.. B.E.A.C.H what a day.. If you see my necklace its a look a like from romwe. Honestly i cant afford the real one but a replacement sometimes not so bad too.( am i being too honest or dumb? but i just cant fake a brand even it looks the same right?)
enjoy your summer everybody..



Sunday, 22 July 2012

la floraison de fleurs

after seeing those photos.. you must be love floral more than usually.. i don't know why.. flowers just cheer up my mood everysecond of my life.. after having my haircut.. what do you think of my new hair?? i kinda miss my long hair though ..see the hair crown? its CLARAROSSA from CLARABELLE one of my fav online hairstuff to grab.. and also its  own by one of my fav blogger. guess who?? YEPP.. its kak CLARADEVI from lucedale.. oh.. i feel like wanna shop the whole hairpieces they made..
shop now.. they got many many many cute thing to cheer up your day :D

if you like my whole looks you can hype hype hype me on lookbook here..
or what i wear too here

thank for visiting.. i really appreciate everyone who visiting my blog and keep folowing me even they know im such a bad blogger.. thank you thank you *big applaus to readers*
.. i'll see you soon .. really soon ..
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Monday, 16 July 2012

My weeks of instagram ..

Ciluk baaa.. anothers short post for this weeks came from my instagram.. yeah find me on instagram username : tanni3ny ..
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im on what i wear too : find me here

he's not faint.. just taking nap :p cute huh..

 package from clarabelle arrived.. they are just to adoreable..

 galaxy x neon x studded shorts

get my nerve n cut my long hair,, voila..

crazyness at officeeee... yeeehahhahaha

outfit of the day.. we got cloth inc, rafika and adorable project here..

the detail of the necklace

multi-matchstick rounded necklace just like on Romwe web.. founded that at Rafika too :D

next thing to hunt.. so see you soon



Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Windy woodsen

Hellow fellas, after a short day meeting today finally got a chance for dinner with lovely boyfriend and snap-snap a while in public.. let me show you my sweet new members of the family  Marion redrose heels one of my fav shoes right now. Comes from my fav shop at online Adorable Projects Indonesia they have adorable to craziest shoes you ever want to wear :))

my wavy hair n the skull necklace does cheer my day up

have a nice day everyone.. remember to spend a little time with the precious person in your life.. you never know what might come for the next day :D