Sunday, 26 February 2012

spring me over you

hi everyone, what will you do is the love is blooming like flowers??
spring your mind?.. was inspired by the lace of the peterpan collar from stellar neckwear
try them out.. dont miss it 

see something different ?? yeap, i cut my hair a lil bit.. and curl it up..
what do you think?? maybe next post im gonna show you with the straight one 

feels familar with the dress? if you read this month Gogirl! magazine you gonna find them in one of their pages..
i found this dress when i was window shopping at Rafika.. what a coincidence !

mrs.peterpan collar with lace -  stellar neckwear
dress & bag - Rafika Luxury

i'll see you for the next post
btw thanks for the sweet comment, readers <3



Monday, 20 February 2012

aROUND sunshine

Hi bloggers .. nice to meet you again.. how was your weekend??
mine was very good!
another shoot that was taken when i got nothing and nowhere to go after family lunch
too lazy to put on any make up.. just grab a glasses and simple outfit for weekend.

thats all for this week. see you soon on my next post :)
John lennon glasses 
necklace - kate love
rings - adorable



Thursday, 16 February 2012

Spread your love !

Happy Valentine everyone !
sorry for the lack of post. i'm kinda busy with my job these day.. fiuh.. wondering when life gonna be easier..
btw this just anothers photos that i took during my off day.

sorry for the bad quality.. im using my phone camera.. my digcam was run out of gasoline when im gonna used it.. hhahhahah

i'll see you soon on my next post.. maybe i'm gonna use more bold colours.. too much pastel for the past few weeks



Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tropic Rainbow

today post was a quick post after my lunch with my boyfie.. Nothing special i'm trying the vintage looks on that day.. it doesnt turn so bad at all for me.. what do you think? 
let the picture talks.. :)

here the bonus photo for you guys..
thanks for the comment on my last post..
i'll improve my post become better and better :*

Vintage Bag and Rings - Rafika Luxury
Red Vanilla Dress and Headband - Queentastic's Closet
Lace Wedges - Cartino Sonea