Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lazy sunday

hmm.. this post actually should be posted last week.. but the internet and scheduling time are not being friendly.. *sigh.. Last week my weekend was not going as it was planned. Its was raining for the whole day and all i can do is nothing!! but suddenly when i looked into the racks and i saw these beauty package from Inspired By Luce called "Yvette" (denim floral with glitter on it) cute?

Magical thing happen.. NO!! not the rain stop falling.. But i was making a indoor shoot at my room.. suddenly become so narsisstic or nuts you name it. i took a nail polish also. ( doing thing that i seldom to do).
let the picture show you how nuts i was last week.

nail polish come from my new sponsor Marvynn She is selling a lots of good stuff with affordable price.. Here are some stuff she sent to me

i like the lipstick colour so much.. just that in this shoot the colour are not so clear. maybe i show you guys at the next post

Dont you love the heart pattern ?? 'cause i did ( and it looks like one of romwe stuff ).. Its cold ! dont blame me for wearing the sweater *excuses* i cant resist the cuteness

last but not least my dumb face .. :))

Yvette - inspiredbyluce ; Nail polish and beauty product - Marvynn ; Hollow pink jumper - elly gunawan



Thursday, 18 October 2012


Hi hot babes, here just some update from recently life.. for who had followed me on instagram (@indritanny) might know already what all this about..
let the pictures talk

 i've been craving tons of sushi recently .. i don't know why i just can't leave it alone :p
as you see. another culinary .. what a heaven foodish.. 
My october wishlist.. can i trade the candy on hallowen with these?? 
A little collection of my favourite hairpieces from Inspired by Luce designed by my fav blogger too (Lucedale)
Reunion with highschool friends.. owh i miss them a lot! 
1.My Rafika shopping bag collection ( i've been a fan since ever .. lol) 2.Got my lace top from them too. 3.Watching TED for movie night 4.A visit from a friend and making a new friens too
 5. I've been in love with pastel colour thanks to Marvynn for the nail colours sponsor shop at hers.. many good stuff with aforable price 6.Package come from Inspired by luce and im the lucky one that got the woven box 7.Cute studded clutch from Gowigasa 8. A gift from a friend ( delicious one! )
here the man behind the camera.. hahaha.. The love of my life.. thanks A for being part of my life
have a great October



Saturday, 13 October 2012

Summertime sadness

Kiss me hard before you go.. summertime sadness.. i just wanted you to know that baby you're the best..
- Lana del rey -

just like the title.. i kinda in love with lana del rey recently and her style and song kinda inspiring too.. bear with me everyone.. i kind of a flower style no matter what,, if i could show you how much floral pattern i do have in my wardrobe.. hahaha .. how's your day recently? i always less posting on blog.. dont ask me why.. its the matter of time that makes me couldn't manage the right schedule for taking photo.. *sigh. okay stop complaining.. im wearing all my fav stuff like laces, flower, bright colour.. thanks to my beloved boyfie that always taking a nice picture.. i'll see you on my daily activity.. 

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florence - Inspired by luce ; Cream Creme lace dress - Cloth inc ; tania - Adorable Project ; belt & bag - Rafika