Monday, 26 March 2012

we run the light

Hello, my sweet readers. Welcome back to another quick post from me.. Today had been a damn hot day.  Actually i was prepared a look for this studded shirt.. but, a quick change because of the weather so i turn it onto a simple outfit for the day. Hope you didn't get bored of my blog. :D .. i am visiting a orphanage today and i realize something very important dear.. maybe if we stop trying to complain we could see that still many people are worse than us.. Try to live you live and always be grateful of what you have.
studded top, hairband - Rafika Luxury, Chain pump,short , vintage bag - tanny closet's, vintage ring - Mine Onlineshop


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Decimal Shoes !

Decimal Shoes are having a giveaway voucher Rp. 500.000 / USD 50 to buy their shoes! 

First thing to say..
i was in love with their product just like one of this
yummy colours yet cute colours and its looks comfy. you can have one of your dream shoes too.
by joining their giveaway just like me ! simply click here for the detail

if you wondering if i have their product or not.
i DO have one called B.E.T.H
my first babies that courage me to start this blog  you can review this on my first and last post :D
 unique and affordable local handmade shoes!
join them now and be their member dear

i'm gonna see you in my next post with a little surprise here the teaser

i'll see you soon my lovely readers, and thanks for your support



Friday, 16 March 2012

im still your sweety

wondering abot the title?? nope? i do so hahaha.. its just another outfits for celebrating my birthday.. i do become 20 but i wont stop being your sweetheart my lovely readers..
i hope its not too late for showing some collar top that i just got from Rafila Luxury again..
yeah.. i do love their product.. vintage and edgy..
i heard that dots are back in track.. so here the mixture..
let the picture's talk  

glitter collar top - Rafika Luxury
orange polkadot short - Rafila Luxury
Birdie rings - Rafika Luxury
Beth - decimalshoes
vintage bag - tanny closet's

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hate me like you love me

Hello readers, as i promise i'm gonna show you the details of Diva dress from Queentastic. find them on facebook. Its beautiful and affordable price for every pieces they have. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos.
i'm not in a really good mood these few days. i was lost my confidence before i stood up again for myself.
you know, its hard when you try to step out and trying something new while some poeple only know how to critize others people and they are not capable of stand up for themself.
maybe this is too harsh but 
"Karma is like a rubberband, it can only stretch so far before it come back and smacks you in the face" .



Saturday, 10 March 2012

- Gyaru -

Hello my dearest readers, i'm sorry for the lack of post. i had been busy for the past few weeks.. i don't even have time to rest enough. 
this post was inspired by one of my fav blogger " lucedale "

the dress was from Queentastic find them on facebook.. i'm gonna show you the full looks next time

yes, i did try the gyaru looks.. and it does turn my eyes into a bigger eyes
go and try her looks too.
you gonna be surprise of the result