Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Natural Make up

Hi readers, How is your day recently? is it good or not? well this time i'll be posting a picture of my recently Beauty shoots with Chyntia .. i'm not actually know how to do a make up person so usually if i do my own make up my weapon will be bold colour lipstick and my must have item is liquid eyeliner :p
thanks to the person who invent eye liner!. Here is the make up photos and enjoy xx 
And thank you so much Chyntia for doing this Beauty shoots with me. i know you are a super busy woman :p

hairdo and make up by Chyntia
Photo credits to Octafiography

Well, There will be an outfit post after this because thanks to my best camera friend Octafiography for taking these pretty photos ( check out his page )
See you next post



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  3. nice dress, nice hair :D