Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Back For Good

It's been a years since the last post.. Sorry for the neglected blogpost.. 
Here is My new collaboration with Octafiography 
A friend who doesn't afraid to experience :D 
Actually i'm a very bossy person when it comes to photos and this guy really understand where to go for my photos. Check his pages you will know then..

Enjoy the show
i'm wrapped up in Cloth Inc the birdie dress and also the must have Baby pink Coat that everyone were craving for .. 

Close up details just for you ..

So i'll see you gonna love this local brand so much right? i never miss their collection where its affordable and also unique .. you don't have to doubt about their detail 'cause it's well tailored. See you next post and Have a gorgeous day




  1. amazing and adorable pictures!

  2. Cute look, and great photog!