Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Month of love

Hi.. Month of LOVE.. thats what people are naming second month of the year except February just because of valentine. just sharing my mind that month of love could be very month of the year.. it don't have to be February.. For me and A its counts every minutes and every second as a valentine.Well the photos im posting was another day when we spend our second day of CNY at his place its a day of love too. We laugh,share,care, and Happy Valentine for who is celebrating it.. sorry its late but better than nothing :p.

i was wearing Classic white shirt from Cloth inc i bought it a long time ago but got no chance to wear it.. i mix it with a leather skirt. Kinda feelin girly recently..
leather skirt - Gals Batam
Open toe heels - Fabiano Ricco
Rings - Rafika Luxoutique

As you see.. A is the happiest guy in the world !! Finally he met his pedicab ot trishaw. We called it "Becak" in Indonesia. Sometimes small thing do means a lot, Agree?. So.. I'll see you next post? Follow me on instagram @indritanny


  1. nice outfit


  2. Lovely skirt Indri <3

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    Thank u so much <3

  3. That colorful cart is so cute !!! Lovely outfit btw :)

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  4. nice outfit ! love your bag and heels