Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sonny Angel

Hi, As i promise you on my last post i'll be introducing you about 
What is Sonny Angel?
Sonny Angel doesn't help your work, wake you up every morning and cook....
But Sonny Angel makes you smile, makes you happy, makes your daily life bit more delightful and, makes you crazy to collect all. 
Yes, he will be your angel. Once you get crazy about Sonny Angles, you want to take him everywhere
you can find them HERE
Scroll down i'll be showing you a few series of MINIFIGURE

Animal Series Version 1
Sonny Angel Minifigure

Animal Series version 2
Sonny Angel Minifigure

Animal Series Version 3
Sonny Angel Minifigure

Animal Series Version 4
Sonny Angel Minifigure

Marine Series
Sonny Angel Minifigure Marine

Vegetable Series
Sonny Angel Minifigure Vegetable

Fruit Series
Sonny Angel Minifigure Fruit
Cute aren't they? Can't resist to collect them all? 
If some of you got lucky you may get a special limited figure like below

Limited one with Limites Colours and Amount!!
For Indonesian don't you worry..
you can find more information HERE
And for you that have been waiting and haven't got any chance to buy from Jakarta or online don't worry because at the end of MARCH .. yes! END OF MARCH (mark your calendar)
greentelee and Poise 24 will sell it. So, be ready to have a new companion for your daily activity
Here are few of mine :D
They are my early birthday present from A

I'll see you soon ..



  1. They're so cute! do you know where to buy them in Jakarta??

    mind to visit my blog? Click Here
    xoxo, Mich

  2. omgosh so cute. but they kinda freak me out a bit. :)
    anyway, hope you completed it all soon! :3

  3. omg so cuuuuuute!!!!!
    x farah

  4. AAhhh so cuteeee <33333 i want them all

  5. so lovely!!!

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  6. Aaa I do love sonnyangel! >,<
    Btw, Would you like to follow each other? Let me know :)