Thursday, 18 October 2012


Hi hot babes, here just some update from recently life.. for who had followed me on instagram (@indritanny) might know already what all this about..
let the pictures talk

 i've been craving tons of sushi recently .. i don't know why i just can't leave it alone :p
as you see. another culinary .. what a heaven foodish.. 
My october wishlist.. can i trade the candy on hallowen with these?? 
A little collection of my favourite hairpieces from Inspired by Luce designed by my fav blogger too (Lucedale)
Reunion with highschool friends.. owh i miss them a lot! 
1.My Rafika shopping bag collection ( i've been a fan since ever .. lol) 2.Got my lace top from them too. 3.Watching TED for movie night 4.A visit from a friend and making a new friens too
 5. I've been in love with pastel colour thanks to Marvynn for the nail colours sponsor shop at hers.. many good stuff with aforable price 6.Package come from Inspired by luce and im the lucky one that got the woven box 7.Cute studded clutch from Gowigasa 8. A gift from a friend ( delicious one! )
here the man behind the camera.. hahaha.. The love of my life.. thanks A for being part of my life
have a great October



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