Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hell yeah.. i've been very busy of work and always will.. im sorry for being a bad blogger.. what can i say life's harder than we thought.. working pressure + family matters + financial troubleshit kept me away from my social life recently.. I miss blogging so much.. gonna find spare time for blogging again in a short time .. fuhh.. F.Y.I i do really want to have a permanent hair like this.. hahaha.. very suite on me.. but i'm to lazy to take care of it.. jiahh.. maybe gonna share some sweet photos that i took when i had my short trip to singapore soon. how's you life recently? 
Remember " Some people might think smile means nothing but when it comes to services it means everthing "

i'll see you soon with my short trip from singapore
here little teaser for you 


  1. mmmm those treats look so so yummy (and pretty!). And I love the different textures in your outfit- beading and lace. it looks so cute and boho

  2. you look pretty!
    wooooww yummy! is it macaroons ice cream? ♥

    anyway, i have giveaway event too!
    MOST people said those are adorable stuff,
    So don't forget to come and visit mine ya!

  3. ah, you looks so pretty, drear.. :)


  4. Pretty top and that icecreams look yummm :)


  5. love the look!
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