Sunday, 6 May 2012

Classic and Roses

Familiar with these Classic and Modern books?? .. these few weeks i was reading all of this.. including The Phantom of the Opera.. i forgot to take the photos
call me bookworm of whatsoever.. 'cause i do read old stories..
today outfit was inspired by those classic..

Flowers and pattern always be my fav outfit.. this dress gave me some feeling that i had when i read those books.. love,pain,tragedy,happy ending, all inside..

btw.. i had cut my hair into medium length maybe i would show it on my next post..

vintage roses dress - river island, Chain pump -tanny closet's, Bowler - grinitty shop


  1. I do enjoy reading for myself too !!

  2. well, i've read sunshine becomes you and it was sooooooooooooo amazing!! i love it so much, and your dress is very lovely, love it! <3