Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hate me like you love me

Hello readers, as i promise i'm gonna show you the details of Diva dress from Queentastic. find them on facebook. Its beautiful and affordable price for every pieces they have. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos.
i'm not in a really good mood these few days. i was lost my confidence before i stood up again for myself.
you know, its hard when you try to step out and trying something new while some poeple only know how to critize others people and they are not capable of stand up for themself.
maybe this is too harsh but 
"Karma is like a rubberband, it can only stretch so far before it come back and smacks you in the face" .




  1. love your dress so much dear! like I said before you look so beautiful and the shoes pair perfectly with your polka-dots dress :3

  2. wow! looking good! <3
    the dress looks really cute on you~

  3. cute dress and wedges:)
    mind to follow back?

  4. lovely polkadot dress and also that lace wedges :)